Friday, April 18, 2014

Recall - Apple LCD Display (iPad, iMac, Macbook, Monitors)

Recall - Apple LCD Display

- Free Repair
Recall - Apple LCD Display

- Free Repair
- Dark Pixel Anomaly
- Bright Pixel Anomaly
- Foreign Material


  • A screen may have millions of pixels and there may be an issue with a few.


1) Press command-control-F (or choose View -> Enter Full Screen) or F11 (PC).
2) Press command-[ (MAC), ALT + Left arrow (PC), to return to this screen after clicking on the link(s) below.
Black Screen
White Screen
Blue Screen
Green Screen
Red Screen
3) Note any anomalies on the screen.


  • Free Repair or replacement.
  • If you suspect your display contains a high number of pixel anomalies, take your Apple product to an Apple Authorized Service Provider for closer examination. There may be a charge for the evaluation.


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