Monday, December 31, 2012

Free - Replacement eMachines PC

Free - Replacement eMachines PC (Recall)

- Free Replacement PC
- Accessories
- Cash
Free - Replacement eMachines PC (Recall)
- Replacement eMachines, Gateway or Acer brand computers
- Accessories
- Cash

  • A defective part that could cause the loss or corruption of data written to, or read from, a floppy disk

Affected Period:
  • Purchased PC in the United States on or after December 31, 1997

Models Affected:
eTower Model Numbers
266 366i2 466is 533ir 633irx 700ix
300c 400i 466ix 533id2 633ids 700k
300k 400i2 500i 566i 633is 733i
333c 400ix 500id 566i2 667ix 766
333cs 400id 500idx 566ir 667ir 766id
333k 400idx 500is 566irx 700 800
366c 400i3 500ix 600ix 700irs
366i 433i 500ix2 600id 700irx
366id 466i 533i 600is 700id
366is 466id 533id 633id 700ir

eMonster Model - Numbers
500A 600 500 700K 500a
800 550 1000 550r 1000B

T Model - Numbers
1090 1110 1096 1801 1100
1855 1105 1905 1106 3100

  • Replacement eMachines, Gateway or Acer brand computers
  • $365 in accessories
  • $62.50 in Cash
  • Keep affected PC
NB - Products and accessories can be redeemed from
File a Claim:

Contact the settlement administrator at 1-888-623-6174

Deadline for filing a claim:
Postmarked by July 15, 2013

Good Luck.


  1. I just found out about the recall, can I still get in on the recall.

  2. ive noticed that not many people have even heard about this recall. So those of us who have these machines have been ripped off. but thats ok then?