Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recall - TrendNet Security Cameras

Thousands of people may be watching you.

Due to a flaw in TrendNet Cameras anyone can access them without a password.

Here is a picture of someone's baby.

Step 1) Check if affected
a) Get your IP address, try http://whatismyipaddress.com/
b) Try the following address , replacing "" with your IP address.
c) If you can get video of your camera without a password, then update the firmware.
d) Also try from a PC that is not on the same network as the camera, such as work PC or the PC of a friend.

Step 2) Update your firmware.
Get updated firmware here:

Step 3) Check if firmware fixed the issue.
Repeat Step 1)
a) If you can get video of your camera without a password, the update the firmware fix did not work, contact TrendNet.

If you do not want to or cannot update the firmware, here is the contact information for TrendNet

Technical Support Numbers and Hours
US and Canada
Toll Free Telephone:1(866) 845-3673
English - 24/7
Fran├žais – 5am –2pm Heure Normale de l'Est.

Here is an image of many camera feeds.

Models affected:
*** However more models by TrendNet and other manufacturers may be affected. ***
Therefore just test if your model is affected, regardless of model number and brand to be sure.


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